Who we are?

FamiCord Group cord blood banks have been operating in Europe since 2002. They were grouped in a network in 2006 by Polish Stem Cell Bank. Since that time FamiCord Group have been developing internationally and become the largest cord blood bank in Europe and the fourth largest cord blood bank in the World.

Our Advanteges
Balance & self-care
solid and sustainable financeslabs all over the Europe
solid and sustainable finances

No 1 in Europe

No 3 in the World

Our facts and figures

The scale of operations of the FamiCord Group is the best proof that we are serious about the idea of family umbilical cord blood banking and the material entrusted to us are stored at a large and stable bank of international importance.

over 850 000 cord blood and tissue units stored to date
13 laboratory facilities: Poland (2), Hungary, Romania, Spain (2), Turkey (2), Switzerland (2), Portugal, Czech Republic, United Kingdom
187 cord blood transplantations or infusions
Over 4500 patients treated with stem cell
Cooperation with over 1500 hospitals around Europe

FamiCord Group in Europe

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