List of life saving transplantations

Stem cells therapies

Famicord Group stores over 600,000 samples & has supplied stem cells for treatment of around 3450 patients in more than 35 countries. We supply for the biggest, specialized in stem cells therapies clinics and we also provide products in GMP standard for clinical trails. What You should know, is that our stem cells helped patients with various indications, such as: neurological (cerebral palsy, ALS, autism and more) ophthalmic orthopedic oncological (i.e. GvHD – Graft-versus-host disease) dermatological (i.e. chronic wounds) For more details, please see below.

Has anyone ever benefited from stem cell?

For the first time, umbilical cord blood cells were successfully used in 1988 in France. Several years later, in 2007, this method was also introduced by FamiCord Group in Poland. So far, umbilical cord blood stem cells have been transplanted over 40,000 times worldwide, saving peoples’ lives and health. FamiCord Group enables their clients innovative treatment with stem cells. Check the full list of patients, suffered from diverse disorders, who benefited from it.